Dearest Heart,


How far we’ve come, these last few years.

The journey, though sweet, has been filled with tears.

Laughter too and hard work besides

But so worth it to know you, and watch you arise.


Like a worn out teddy, to you I would cling

For life had taught me to protect and defend.

No one would hurt you, if I did not share.

So tight I would resist another’s care.


Then he came, my father and friend

And showed me so gently you are worth more than this, to him.

Gently he waited and proved himself safe

Until cautiously I let him carry you

His hands tender, full of grace.


Later, opening wide the door, to him I invited

Showed him around this home we painstakingly crafted

With joy he took it in, even the cellar with it’s boxes;

the dark spaces that held fears, doubts and hidden losses.


Together we lifted those boxes from their darkness,

opened the lids, and dealt with the contents.

Perhaps there will always be some boxes in you somewhere

but no longer hidden, the light expels all fear.


Now we hang out in your garden, my heart.

Tending and keeping and enjoying each part.

He does not seem to see the mess, but smiles

At all your growth, potential, beauty wild.


So today and forever I vow to stay

outstretched, door flung wide, cultivating each day.

I choose to tend to you, to give you room to grow,

never to lock down or withhold you

But let your beauty show.


I’m excited for our future, to one day give you to another

But always I offer you wholeheartedly to my brother,

My beautiful friend, defender and keeper.

He knows you so well and cherishes you deeper.


In his eyes I see the reason why

Why vulnerability is not weakness

Love is not shy

He lived openhearted, loved with passion, no holding back.

You are worth his life, his all, no lack.


 Lydia Cooke is a youth worker, creative and lover of people. Her favourite things are seeing people know their worth and value, silly games, dungarees, autumn leaves and music. She is passionate about encouraging others to walk in freedom and wholeness.

You can follow Lydia’s Eco journey over on Instagram