Work with me

Work with me

Are you ready to strip off the lies and find the real you?

Do you want to get to know yourself better and step fully into your identity?

Have you felt held back by fear or past experiences?

Would you like to go deeper in your relationship with God and discover who he says you are?

Would you benefit from a safe and non-judgemental space to share your heart and find some clarity?

If you are saying a big YES then the Journey Package may be for you!

It is a package aimed at christian women who want to deepen their relationship with themselves whilst deepening their relationship with God. It is an identity journey discovering hidden treasures that have been lost along the way.

Although there is a loose framework, I don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach so the Journey Package offers you a variety of support tailored to YOU.  You were created beautifully and uniquely and I want to celebrate that!

Coming alongside women who are hungry for more, who aren’t satisfied to stay as they are but want to step deeper into their identity and calling is where my heart lies. I love to see women sparkle as themselves and overcome the lies they have believed and into the truth of who God says they are.

My aim is to build up, encourage and empower you to make decisions for yourself from a place of security rather than fear. We all face unknowns and hard times but we have a choice of how we want to walk through them.


Journey Package – £249

This package includes an initial deep dive session in the form of a 90 min call in week 1 and a follow up 60 min progress call in week 3. You have unlimited support from me via a private 1:1 fb group for the duration of the 4 week journey.

During the 4 weeks you will –

*Dig deep and discover some of the things that have been holding you back.

*Let go of the lies and ‘shoulds’ and discover freedom through forgiveness.

*Set boundaries and goals that will help you to move forward.

*Spend time in God’s prescence and discover his truth over your life.

*Have 1:1 time in a safe, non judgemental space to share your heart.

*Have unlimited* access to me via a private fb group just for the two of us where you can share the things that are coming up for you and we can keep the conversation flowing in between the calls.

Our time together is loosely grouped into 4 weeks of focused time together but as each person is individual there’s also room to go with the flow.

4 week identity journey –

Week 1 – Uncovering the Lies

Week 2 – Letting go

Week 3 – Goal Setting/Accountability

Week 4 – Reflection/Walk it out


Email Support Package £60

I know that sometimes anxiety can get too much and having calls can be difficult so I also offer a basic email support package.

4 week journey with me as your mentor

Unlimited* email support


If you’d like to see if we are a good fit before jumping in you can book a FREE 30 min Connection call by getting in contact HERE

*Email and group are available to post in 24/7. I will respond to messages within 24hrs during my mon-fri work week.